I show businesses how

to manage their marketing


using an existing team


Marketing should make you money

I'll show you how to

point directly at a profit increase

as a result of your marketing.

Outsourcing is outdated

Having an agency show up as you online isn't

cool and a fast way to burn through profit.

I've developed a system that helps

businesses up-skill an existing team member

to manage their marketing-

in less than 2hrs a week.

Forget burning through your cash on agency fees, there's a better way.

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First, we take a look at what you've got and what you've done. Then I'll walk your team member through how to fine tune and deploy a smart new game plan.

Aquire + Acquaint


Once our clever system is working and dream clients are showing up armed with curiosity, we'll then walk them through your seamless sales system.



Now your kick-ass clients are shouting from the roof tops how awesome you are, so we begin cranking the handle of the marketing machine by applying the magic of advertising in the right places for a fraction of what an agent tells you to spend.

This is for you if...

You've used (or considered using) an agent to manage your digital marketing

You're frustrated at the thousands of dollars marketing costs and you can't see any proof it works

You don't have time to waste hours a day on trying to work out what to do

You have someone in mind on your team that this would be perfect for

You know your customers are active online and you're worried you're missing out on opportunities

Once you own the system you'll get...

Lifetime access, regardless if your nominated team member leaves

Full and ongoing support from me and my team

An unfair advantage over your competitors who are feeling burnt out

Profit increase you can point at from your marketing

Digital assets that your company owns instead of being owned by an agency

Control of your reputation online

Maybe you've outsourced before or you've been thinking about it.

I get it- the last thing you have time for is marketing.

Outsourcing seems simple, right?

The only problem is, it will cost you thousands and your audience spots it a mile away.

Let's take back control of your online reputation.

What others say...

"I can't recommend this amazing lady enough!!! Kendyl has given me so many skills which have helped my business really take off. She is so supportive, positive and professional. Kendyl's approach made everything so simple and clear. She was the kick start I needed to be where I am today." Jess.

“I attended a marketing seminar and it was brilliant. Kendyl is an incredible presenter, easy to follow, relevant and engaging. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to further understand their online media presence." Lisa.

“Kendyl's advice and guidance for my marketing strategy has been outstanding. Kendyl has a thorough understanding of the key functions of marketing, and more importantly she can think outside the square to help provide a point of difference. I look forward to evolving my business with her support." Grant.


How To Manage Your Marketing

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